Ceyas Engineering Elevator which stepped into the elevator sector in 2007 has been established to provide service in the field of engineering and elevator sector in the field of material sales and manufacturing. Our company, which has determined its quality policy and given priority to customer satisfaction, first works with the principle of 'always higher' in order to announce its name in the national and later international platform without sacrificing quality and security. We are constantly developing our company in accordance with the norms and standards in the field of elevator material sales and manufacturing and adding innovations of technology to our world. We increase the standards of living with our reliability and quality. Our engineering services add value to the elevator sector on the go. Our aim is to be effective in terms of the reliability of our customers' lives and ├ťo provide quality service, to be one of the leading companies in this developing sector. Our company has been based on ISO 9001-2000 quality certificate and quality standards of which the company had for in its foundation year. Ceyas engineering elevators is a future oriented company with knowledgeable technical team, customer satisfaction with quality principles and without compromising safety. Our company which has completed its preparations for new publicity projects which are among the targets, will continue to work professionally in its facilities which will be built on 22000m2 area at 7th km of Adana road in the near future.

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